Barriers to Integrated Marketing Communication

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integrated marketing communication or IMC is crucial to any businesses as the marketing solution is useful to reach wider potential consumers. This marketing technique uses multiple forms of media channels that share or distribute consistent messages of the business. IMC helps business gain bright prospects from different points of view with the aim to grab the consumers’ attention and earn their loyalty. Integrated marketing absolutely brings so many advantages for a business to grow further. However, some barriers may occur that can hinder the success of performing the marketing strategy, resulting in unachieved goals. Here are the common barriers that business owners often face.

Inadequate Resources

An integrated marketing campaign needs lot of resources such as people and financial resources. Let’s talk about people resources. Business-to-business marketing is a complicated process. In order to be successful in marketing, a company needs to have individuals who have skills, knowledge, and ability specified areas like public relations, digital marketing, and direct marketing. Without mastering these skills, integrated marketing communications campaign will be difficult to achieve. The knowledge and skills are necessary to perform strategic plans. Therefore, a company must train their staff members to make them familiar with the duty otherwise the success of the campaign cannot be attained. In addition to people resources, financial resources are similarly important. That is why before implementing the marketing campaign, it is better to make sure, all of the budgets have been prepared.

The Lack of Management Support

A fruitful IMC needs not only resources but also support and guidance from the management. Without upper management support, the marketing department will encounter some barriers. Therefore the upper management needs to ensure that enough resources are always available from

people to money. A manager should work cooperatively with all staff members. He has to make sure that everyone is involved. Without good cooperation, the marketing strategy will be likely to fail.

Different Company Cultures

As IMC requires the use of multiple forms of media, it generally involve more than just one company such as a social media agency, a public relation firm, and so on. Every company has its own culture. One company may be deadline driven while the others work in more relaxed pace. Sometimes, this culture difference can a barrier. For this reason, it is necessary to select a marketing project’s leader that can monitor how the marketing members work together to accomplish the goals. If necessary regular meetings can be held more often to ensure that everything is running well.

Another barrier that may happen is restriction in creativity. As mentioned previously, integrated marketing campaign can involve a variety of teams. Marketing team members are known for their creativity. However, when they have to work together, they have to sacrifice their creativity as they need to make the same decision to achieve the same goals. This problem can be solved by giving everyone a clear job description and conduct regular meetings more often so there will be more time to share and explain ideas

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